What’s Undertaken During a Complete Car AC System Service?

Many car owners cannot drive in the harsh Australian sun without turning on their car's air conditioning system. Despite enjoying cooling service from their auto AC system, however, a good number of these car owners often overlook the importance of giving their vehicle a complete air AC service until things start going haywire. By then, costly AC system repair is usually required. 

To keep your car's AC fully functional, you should take it for a full AC system service when required. Read on to get acquainted with what this type of car service covers.

Inspecting the various AC components

Your car AC system is made of a myriad of different components, including compressors, condensers, thermostats, drive belts and pulleys, hose assemblies, seals, valves, et cetera, et cetera, which all need to work well and in tandem to ensure optimal cooling efficiency. If there is a problem with one or more components, the AC won't work as efficiently as it should.

A complete AC system services includes inspecting all vital equipment components to check for any defects or damage that may be causing your AC system not to run at peak efficiency. The car technician working on your car will take apart the entire AC equipment and inspect each component separately. That way, faulty parts can be repaired or replaced as required.

Checking the refrigerant level

The refrigerant in your car's AC system is the vital fluid that makes it possible for the equipment to supply cool air to the interiors of your vehicle. Without adequate amounts of refrigerant, your AC unit won't be of any use because temperatures inside your car won't be lowered to the desired level. 

While a typical car AC service will simply involve spot-checking for signs of refrigerant leaks, a full car AC service involves performing a comprehensive inspection and testing of system lines and parts to detect all sources of refrigerant leaks. An electronic leak detector is the most appropriate leak testing apparatus for the job. Any leaks that are found during the inspection and testing process will need to be sealed before more refrigerant is added. 

If there are no refrigerant leaks in the system but your car AC equipment is running low on refrigerant, then you will simply need a recharge or regas with the right type of refrigerant.

When you take your car to a reputable car service shop for a complete AC system service, qualified mechanics will get it running at peak condition. For more information, contact local professionals like Blue Ribbon Motors.