How are Your Bad Habits Ruining Your Investment in Your Automobile?

How much do you value your automobile? If you're like many Australians, you may consider it to be a significant investment and want to look after it as much as possible as a consequence. However, you may not realise that you are creating problems for yourself through some of your bad habits. What do you need to be aware of so you can modify your behaviour and save some cash?

Hold on a Minute!

Are you always in a hurry and cannot wait to get from one place to another? Many people rush to their car, jump in, start the engine and drive away immediately. This can be shortsighted. It's best to allow the oil that circulates throughout your car's engine and transmission to warm up to a certain extent. While lubrication today is a very advanced product, it still needs to be fluid if it is going to protect from friction. Just let your car's engine idle for a few minutes before you pull away.

Choose the Right Products

Speaking of oil, never make the mistake of simply buying the cheapest product you can get. Many stores will sell cut-price oil, and you may think that it is all essentially the same. However, your vehicle's manufacturer will have specified a certain type of oil and a level of viscosity that you should always pay attention to.

Looking after the Gearbox

The impatient driver may not only be keen to get moving before their oil is sufficiently warmed up, but they may also slam the car in between forward and reverse gear too quickly. Always make sure that you let the vehicle come to a complete halt before engaging an alternative gear. If not, an enormous strain is placed on your transmission, and this will undoubtedly lead to failure in the future.

Cooling off

When you are at your auto-parts store, buy the best coolant product that you can get. Never be tempted to simply fill up the radiator with water, as it won't do as good a job. The hot summer conditions experienced in Australia can really stress the system. Only buy the best quality product.

Keeping to Schedule

Finally, never be tempted to skip a scheduled maintenance appointment — take your vehicle into a qualified mechanic for a proper service. They'll be able to pick up on any potential problems ahead of time and help you even further.