All You Need to Know about Heavy Vehicle Licensing

A heavy vehicle license is required when one wishes to drive or operate vehicles that are more than 4 .5 tonnes in total mass. To get such a permit in Australia, you have to liaise with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulation who acts as the leading national authority in heavy vehicles. You may be looking to operate a heavy vehicle but have no idea how to go about it. To help you out here is some crucial information.

  1. Heavy Truck Licensing Considerations – Before getting a heavy truck license in the country, it is important that you reach certain requirements. For instance, you have to possess a current national car license or a lower heavy vehicle license all passing the minimum operation period. Driving also requires good health and the ability to focus on the road. With this in mind, you have to ensure that you have good eyesight through passing the eye test. If not, seek help from an optician before applying for the license. You should also make sure you pass both the on-road as well as the off-road heavy vehicle assessment tests as these are very crucial to whether you will be given a heavy truck license. Together with this evaluation, you also have to perform exceptionally on the heavy truck knowledge test that covers parts of the car and simple emergency repairs in case something occurs. If looking to operate either heavy or multi-combination heavy trucks, then you have to attend a formal training course. 
  2. Forklift Licensing Considerations – A forklift is much different from a heavy truck. Thus you require even more specialised training to operate one. This license is essential when you are preparing for a job in either logistics or the warehousing industries. To successfully operate a forklift, you require a TLILIC2001 forklift license which is intended to cater for all operations. You also have to ensure that you select the right forklift training course as not all are standard. Others demand more specialisation due to the advanced features on the forklifts. The two types of licenses involved include the LF license which allows you to work any forklift apart from the order picker forklift. There is also the LO license which only grants the permission to operate the order picker alone. The forklift license lasts for five years after which you will renew it. To qualify for license application, you have to be at least 18 years old. You also need to complete a training course which will lead you straight to your new license.