What You Need to Know About Your Mitsubishi Car Engine Oil and Oil Filter Change

As part of routine car maintenance, you will have to replace certain auto parts, which wear and tear over time due to normal operation of the vehicle. It is, however, important to note that not all auto parts that require replacement wear out at the same rate — some tend to wear and tear much quicker than others and will therefore need to be replaced more frequently. One such auto parts on cars are the engine oil and oil filter. Read More 

Why You Are Probably Overlooking a Critical Maintenance Component When It Comes to Managing Your Fleet

If your business relies on distribution, you may have a significant fleet on hand in order to get your products to that all-important marketplace. If you're in charge of managing that fleet you've got a lot on your plate, as you have to make sure that each vehicle is well maintained, safe and reliable if the business is to meet its revenue potential. As you know, a proactive maintenance schedule is essential and you may be placing your focus on engines and transmissions, so that your major components are covered. Read More 

All You Need to Know about Heavy Vehicle Licensing

A heavy vehicle license is required when one wishes to drive or operate vehicles that are more than 4 .5 tonnes in total mass. To get such a permit in Australia, you have to liaise with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulation who acts as the leading national authority in heavy vehicles. You may be looking to operate a heavy vehicle but have no idea how to go about it. To help you out here is some crucial information. Read More 

3 Brake Problems That Need Immediate Attention

Brakes are one of the most important safety features of any vehicle. It is therefore important for you to detect and take action as soon as you notice a problem with the brakes of your car. This article discusses some of the brake problems that you should address immediately. Brake Grinding The brakes of your vehicle can grind for two major reasons. First, the rotor disc may be in contact with the brake caliper when you step on the brake pedal. Read More 

Understanding Important Features of Different Types of Tyres

Your vehicle's tyres are very important, as these are the only part of a car or truck that actually touch the road. If the tyres are not in good repair or are not the right type for your vehicle and everyday driving conditions, this can increase the risk of the vehicle skidding and sliding when you hit the brakes or turn a corner. To ensure you have the right type of tyres on your vehicle, note a few features of different types of tyres, and this will help you choose the best ones for your car or truck. Read More