3 Reasons You’ll Face Car Engine Trouble

The different components in your car perform different functions and they are all important, but your engine assembly is the most expensive and perhaps the most important component of your car. As a proud car owner, you will want to avoid the need for engine repairs because they can be quite costly. Many car owners end up needing engine repairs because they do not know how to take good care of their engine. Read More 

What’s Undertaken During a Complete Car AC System Service?

Many car owners cannot drive in the harsh Australian sun without turning on their car's air conditioning system. Despite enjoying cooling service from their auto AC system, however, a good number of these car owners often overlook the importance of giving their vehicle a complete air AC service until things start going haywire. By then, costly AC system repair is usually required.  To keep your car's AC fully functional, you should take it for a full AC system service when required. Read More 

2 Seemingly Minor Problems With Your Car Might Not Be So Minor

When your vehicle is acting up in any way, you don't want to ignore or overlook this problem; small problems can soon turn into major repairs that need to be done under the hood, and your car could literally shut down while you're driving, depending on the repair that's needed. You could also be jeopardizing your safety or the safety of others if your car is not in good repair while on the road. Read More 

How are Your Bad Habits Ruining Your Investment in Your Automobile?

How much do you value your automobile? If you're like many Australians, you may consider it to be a significant investment and want to look after it as much as possible as a consequence. However, you may not realise that you are creating problems for yourself through some of your bad habits. What do you need to be aware of so you can modify your behaviour and save some cash? Read More